The many flavor options in the Encore Cat Tin Saver Pack 48 x 70g consist of easily digestible meat or fish paired with nutritious rice. These recipes are free from artificial ingredients, guaranteeing a genuine and appealing flavor. The meat or fish pieces in this Encore Cat Tin Saver Pack 48 x 70g provide your cat with high-quality animal protein, promoting muscle mass development. The omega-3 and -6 fatty acids in these foods can promote healthy skin and a shiny coat. Your cat will enjoy these gourmet wet food dishes, crafted from natural, fresh components!

Encore Cat Tin Saver Pack Cats Food

The Fish Selection Multipack includes the following flavor varieties: 18 pieces of tuna fillet 18 servings of tuna fillet with salmon 12 Ocean Fish The Chicken Selection Multipack has the following flavor varieties: 18 Chicken Breasts 18 Chicken breasts stuffed with cheese 12 servings of chicken breast stuffed with ham and vegetables Encore Cat Tin Saver Pack 48 x 70g overview: Premium wet food supplement for adult felines Completely natural: Each recipe consists of only 3 to 4 ingredients, without any additions, animal derivatives, by-products, or fillers.

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Enhanced with rice: provides plenty digestible carbs 75% premium beef or seafood chunks: Providing essential protein to enhance muscular strength, easily digestible, and well accepted. Containing omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids: promotes skin health and enhances coat shine Created using fish sourced from sustainable fishing practices that are dolphin-friendly

Encore Cat Tin Saver Pack 48

The Encore Cat Pouch in Broth Saver Pack has 20 pouches of 50g each, providing a tasty wet food option for cats that is crafted from 100% natural ingredients. Every meal has more than 50% meat or fish to guarantee a high protein content and is free from superfluous grains, fillers, or preservatives. This complementary meal is perfect for mixing with dry food and provides a valuable source of hydration, particularly good for cats with low water intake.

The Encore Cat Pouch in Broth Saver Pack 20 x 50g has a variety of three delicious flavors in individual pouches. This provides a diverse selection for your cat’s meals, alternating between meat and fish. The saver pack enables you to accumulate supplies, ensuring your cat always has an ample amount of pouches on hand. The Finest Selection includes the following flavor varieties: 8 Chicken Breasts 6 Tuna Fillets 6 servings of Mackerel with Tuna Fillet Encore Cat Pouch in Broth Saver Pack 20 x 50g provides a quick overview: High-quality moist cat food Formulated with 100% natural ingredients: Devoid of superfluous grains, fillers, or preservatives Comprises more than 50% meat or fish.

High-protein recipe Hydrates: promotes adequate hydration in cats with difficulty consuming sufficient water Perfect as a complementary food: may be mixed with dry food Containing a variety of fresh pouches in three distinct flavors. Economical bundle: perfect for storing and conserving

Encore Cat Pouch In Broth Saver Pack 20