Extraordinary Cure of Blindness in 1881 has recently taken place to a gardener named Geo. Parker, aged 82, who resides at Rose Cottage, Brimington. He has been troubled with cataracts and nearly totally blind.

Cure for Blindness, Wonderful Recovery applying petroleum

The old man in May last dreamed that he had been applying petroleum to his eyes and had recovered his sight. His sons and the doctor advised him not to try the experiment, fearing it would injure the eyes. He, however, last August commenced to rub petroleum over the right eye, and persevered with his treatment till in the course of a week or 10 days the right eye was restored to its former state.

He then commenced the same operation on the left eye, which had been blind for six years, and in 14 days from his first applying it was able to see a little with that one, but it was feared that the cataract being on the left eye so long it has affected the inner portion of the sight.

The right eye still remains perfectly clear, and it has been pronounced by four doctors to be one of the most extraordinary cures on record.

Wonderful Recovery after 65 Years a Deaf Mute. Dr Livingstone, a resident of the little village of Bennetsville, Chenango County, N.Y., has regained the power of speech and hearing after having been a deaf mute for nearly 65 years.

His wonderful recovery has excited much comment, and is regarded by many as a miracle. The old man is very well known in his own as well as adjoining counties. One night about two weeks ago he awoke in the night with a severe pain in his head, as if he had been struck with a club.

He called out to his wife, who was sleeping beside him. At the sound of his voice she awoke, astonished to hear him pronounce her name. She had never before heard him speak. As soon as she recovered from her surprise she asked him what was the matter. Her words were the first he had heard since he was an infant, and the revelation of his changed condition astounded him.

The pain in the meantime felt less acute, and he and his wife talked until morning of his wonderful recovery. The news spread quickly, and all the next day the doctor was overwhelmed with congratulations.

Conversation at first caused him great annoyance, but he has gradually become accustomed to it. His vocabulary, which at first was limited, has increased, and he has no difficulty in expressing himself.

When Dr. Livingstone was three years old a severe attack of scarlet fever left him entirely deaf. The few childish words he knew gradually were forgotten, and by the time he was six years old he became a mute. Despite his past affliction the old man is intelligent and well-read. He is at a loss to account for his strange good fortune, and the physicians in the neighbourhood can shed no light on the mystery.

Dr. Livingstone is anxious to have his case investigated by the medical fraternity in hope that some explanation as to his recovery can be given. The pain which he felt in his head gradually passed down his spine into his legs and then left him entirely. Though 71 years old he is in excellent health. July 14, 1893.

An occurrence has been brought to light at an inquest of a man in South London. It appears that in a workroom where many young girls were at work a mouse suddenly made its appearance on a table, causing, of course, considerable commotion and a general stampede.

The intruder was seized, however, by a young man who happened to be present, but the mouse slipped out of his hand, and running up his sleeve, came out between his waistcoat and shirt at the neck. The unfortunate man had his mouth open, and the mouse on the look out for some convenient place of concealment, entered the man’s mouth, and he, in his fright and surprise, swallowed it.

That a mouse can exist for a considerable time without much air has long been a popular belief and was unfortunately proved to be a fact in the present instance, for the mouse began to tear and bite inside the man’s throat and chest, and the result was that the unfortunate fellow died after a little time in horrible agony.

Several witnesses having corroborated the above facts, and medical testimony as to the cause of death having been given, a verdict of accidental death was returned.

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