New Way of Pulling Out a Tooth but don’t try it. The bravest among us often quail at the prospect of a visit to the dentist, and endure a very martyrdom from toothache rather than submit to the extraction of the offending tooth. But when one’s courage is screwed to the extracting point, it is evidently to the patient’s advantage that the operation should be performed by a skilful hand, rather than by the unpractised one of the sufferer.

Pull Out a Tooth, but don’t try it this

A Frenchman residing in the environs of Paris held a contrary opinion, and it is still doubtful whether his error may not cost him his life, owing to the unusual manner in which he played the role of dentist.

He had long been suffering from toothache, but obstinately refused to have recourse to a dentist, and at length, finding the pain unendurable, took the following uncommon method of extraction.

To the tooth he attached firmly a long string, to the string a heavy stone, thus armed he proceeded to the topmost storey of the house he occupied, opened the window, and hurled the stone into the air.

The weight of the stone and the length of the string produced so violent a shock, that not only was the tooth pulled out, but with it a portion of the man’s jaw, his neck being so painfully twisted that he fainted.

Hours ensued ere consciousness returned. When he ultimately recovered his senses it was found necessary to remove him to a hospital, where he now lies in a most precarious state. Should he quit the hospital a living man, it is hoped he will also be a wiser one.

A remarkable case of paralysis being cured by lightning is reported from Bad Beyhausen. A Berlin doctor ordered a patient of his who had been paralysed in both feet for many years to take the baths, not for a cure as that appeared hopeless, but thinking the invalid might possibly derive some slight benefit from the waters.

The patient was ordered to be as much as possible in the open air, and was in the habit of sitting outside the house in a bath-chair.
Recently a violent thunderstorm came on, and everybody in the house forgot the sick man was outside.

Suddenly a vivid flash of lightning and a terrific crash of thunder reminded them of the fact, and they were just about to go in search of him when the invalid appeared in their midst, walking without any difficulty. From that moment, he has appeared to be completely cured.

This case, the Hoyaer Wochenblatt says, has excited great interest among the medical men; some of whom believe the cure to be effected merely by fear and the intense desire to walk, others think that the electric current may have assisted the paralysed limbs to move.

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