Circumstance Attending the Birth of a Child in 1852 year. A curious incident occurred in a family the other day at Birkenhead, in which a husband actually lost his reason with excessive joy at the announcement that he had become a father. The man is a joiner, and resides in Brook Street, Birkenhead. It appears that on Monday night last week, he returned home from his work, when he was informed that his better-half had borne him a child.

Curious incident in family, very excited state of father

The circumstance, although by no means unexpected, seemed instantly to produce a most joyous effect upon his mind, for he immediately danced and jumped about the room in a very excited state.

He was then told that his wife required a plaster for her chest, when he hurried to a druggist’s shop for the purpose of obtaining it. Whilst in the shop his manner appeared frantic, and after shouting that the police were pursuing him, he rushed out of the premises.
Nothing was heard of the man for two days, although a diligent search was made for him, but on Wednesday night he made his appearance at his own house, and had scarcely entered when the cries of his new-born child were heard, which produced on him the greatest excitement.

Without speaking to any one, he sallied forth into the yard, where he stripped himself of all his apparel, except his shirt and trousers, which he threw into an adjoining yard. He then rushed out of the house, and fled in the direction of Claughton Park, after which he was seen to enter a plantation at Bidston.

Bread and milk

Several parties were deputed to endeavour to discover his whereabouts, but although he had been seen rambling about Bidston Hill in his wild and naked state, none of them succeeded in securing him. On Friday morning, after being worn out with hunger and fatigue, he entered a small cottage at the foot of Bidston, kept by a person named Davies, and requested to be supplied with some milk. An old woman, pitying the forlorn condition of the wretched man, prepared him some bread and milk, which he ate with avidity, after which he again made his way into the plantation.

On the following morning, Davies met the maniac on the top of Bidston, and after a few words of salutation, the latter inquired whether he (Davies) had seen anything of the police. Being replied to in the negative, he asked to be taken to the old woman who had, on the previous day, supplied him with the bread and milk. Davies at once induced him to accompany him to his house, where the old woman again served him with a quantity of food. He was afterwards persuaded to retire to rest, and he slept soundly until 11 o’clock.

At this time the man presented a most wretched aspect, his feet and legs being torn and lacerated by walking amongst the briars in the plantation. Whilst he was asleep, Davies sent word to his friends, who despatched a cab to convey him home, but he would not consent to leave the house, unless the old woman who had generously supplied him with bread and milk accompanied him.

After reaching the afflicted family, medical assistance was promptly secured, and although he had since suffered much from illness, he is now in a fair way of recovery.

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