Treat your canine or feline buddy to something special with Feringa cold-pressed dry food. Meat and fish eaten by free-range cats are high in protein and low in carbohydrates. Imagine if this ratio could be used for dry, species-specific food. A new method of production called gentle cold-pressing that doesn’t use steam or excessive heat makes it possible. Thanks to an innovative cooling system, production temperatures never rise over 50 °C.

Cats dry Food Feringa cold-pressed, Meat and fish

This means that a lot of nutrients are preserved as the raw materials aren’t heated any further when pressing. Chicory and Psyllium husks, two of the ingredients, and the cold pressing process all aid digestion. Satisfaction is assured by the 70% beef content. Your velvet paw will get the omega-3 fatty acids it needs from Feringa’s cold-pressed dry food, which is enhanced with hemp oil. These play a major role in the maturation of robust skin and shiny fur. Taking care of your cat in a way that is suitable for its kind has never been easier. Grain, soy, lactose, artificial colors, and preservatives are all omitted from the German-developed Feringa cold-pressed dry food. The natural nutrition and flavor are preserved by gentle processing and careful ingredient selection.

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Even picky velvet paws will love the handmade flavor of this high-quality complete food, which is prepared in a family-run business. Summary of Feringa dry food’s benefits Innovative Pressure-Free Pressing Method Plenty of protein. Particularly little carbohydrate level. 75% beef Created by a non-profit German family business. Cats’ digestive systems aren’t designed to tolerate large amounts of grain, thus Feringa doesn’t include any. A species-appropriate diet for cats begins with grain-free dishes. Free of flavor enhancers, artificial colors, and preservatives. Using the priceless oil of hemp: The essential fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6 are found in hemp oil. These play a major role in the maturation of robust skin and shiny fur. Utilizing the husks of chicory and psyllium: To aid in the process of digestion. Feringa – Lovingly crafted by hand! In order to provide your cat with a natural, species-appropriate diet. There are two sizes available for the Feringa cold-pressed beef dry food: 400g and 3kg.

Feringa Adult Cold Pressed Beef Saver Pack 9 Kg

Some basic information about Feringa Meat Snacks for cats: Extra treats for cats. Plenty of seafood and pork. Gluten-free, sugar-free. Including taurine, nutritional supplements, and minerals. Delicately let it air dry. Crafted in Austria. Feringa Meat Snacks are delicious treats made from tender chicken and turkey. There is a plethora of animal protein, vitamins, and taurine in this grain-free dish. These delicious beef treats are perfect for rewarding your cat, filling in mealtime gaps, or serving as a little snack on their own.

Crafted with care in Austria, these supplementary nibbles are sure to be a hit with your cat. Just like homemade, Feringa is meticulously prepared.

Feringa Meat Snacks